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Ideas Creeping Around

I am constantly starting these blog posts and then they grow into these large unwieldy things that sprout out in so many directions and I can’t corral them.

Which reminds me of coral. Have you ever learned about Coral? Enn loves Planet Earth and Blue Planet, those BBC earth documentaries that are beautiful and expansive and amazing. And from them I learned that Coral is an animal. I mean, it’s alive and has intestines and bones and all. I guess the rocky things are the bones. I tell you, Coral is Creepy. I think anyone watching the segment on coral could easily flash into science-fiction horror stories and be a little freaked out. Let me just say that when two different kinds of coral get too close to each other, they will fight it out (that’s just weird all by itself) and one coral will spit out its intestines out of its body to digest the other coral first. It spits out its stomach and eats the other animal coral outside of it’s body. Oh, it’s creepy. You have to see it. Or maybe you’d rather not.

See, that just happened. From creeping ideas as I write to corralling them to creepy coral, it just happens. I can’t help it. It’s embarrassing.

I can’t write an e-mail to Enn’s kindergarten teacher without a few paragraphs. All I had was a simple question. But nothing is simple with me. Lovely. Mostly, Except when I can’t contain myself in neat packages. And I try so hard sometimes.

The End.

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