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Is It Me or is Health Insurance Confusing?

I am on the phone (on hold)  and there’s this myriad of confusions to clear up a medical bill for Enn’s 5th year well child physical, and it’s making me crazy.

You see, I took him 2 and a half months late for his 4 year old visit, and I didn’t think it mattered. Apparently, it does. I guess I have to wait 12 whole months before his next visit, regardless of whether I needed the info for Kindergarten or not.

Apparently, I should also keep copious notes with any phone call or interaction with any doctor office, medical group, or insurance company, in the event that something  should go wrong. Even if nothing has gone wrong yet. If it involves money, coverage, anything, keep a record.

Because I am left holding a bill for something that I was told was covered, from a facet of this medical bastion that maybe wasn’t authorized to approve that?

And who was supposed to pay? My insurance? My medical group? Who wants what? And for how much? To whom should I direct my complaints?

Anyway, I hear little Zee outside crying, and I just finished up cleaning him from his accident on the living room floor.

Happy Monday!

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