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Crappy Crap


My whole morning has been spent deciphering two bills, only to find out I probably have to pay for all of them. And not only that, my original tempest storm this morning was over $100. It’s the principle of the matter. I cleared beforehand that a certain appointment was permitted; I did my job, only to find out that said authorizer was not permitted to authorize. Of course, I find this out only after it’s all said & done & someone wants to get paid.

Now I have landed on a much more infuriating situation, and it is this:

Both my boys had terrible GI issues in July, over the 4th of July of course, and they were very sick. I suspected a bacterial infection because it had been 2 weeks by the time I had the little one tested. We went into the after hours clinic. We requested a stool sample test to be run. We were sent to the lab at the hospital across the street. I already knew that this hospital was not “in network.” Our hospital is 30 minutes away. But I figured this office, which IS in our network, would not send us to a lab that WOULD NOT BE COVERED.

But they did.

And we’re not.

That’s over $500 for a stupid stool test that didn’t even give us results for another 10 days (of course they were pretty much better by then) and that’s $500 per kid (at least) and maybe even $500 per stool drop off.  Which lands us over $1500. For Crap. Crappy service, and Crappy information. Crappy kids (literally, having the runs & mussing up bed clothing daily for a few weeks) and Crappy medical care.

Makes me want to quit the whole medical establishment, even though I can afford it, this is maddening. And if I was a single working mom? Who didn’t have 4 hours on a Monday morning to figure out something I didn’t want to know? And if I didn’t have a way to cover the inadequacies of this medical system?

How will they ever figure out a way out of this healthcare mess?

And why does it cost $550!!! to sift through poop?!? It took me 10+ days and several phone calls to even get the actual results. I hate this.

I wish I could boycott, but there’s that small matter of my children’s health & well being.

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  • I know. Why do they send us to only the labs that they use? It makes no sense for out doctor’s visit to be insured, but for labs they send us to, to be not.

    It feels like a circus.

    But if you think about it. You spent the $$$ for peace of mind. To be sure that nothing was wrong.

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