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To Sum it Up

We were all over Stockholm today. Only one full day (by ourselves) to explore the city since our trip here was minus 12 hours on our first day here from the travel set-backs.

Storkyrkan: gilded worship
Nobelmuseet: honored genius
Kungliga Slottet: rich history
Skattkammaren: crowning glories
Kulturfestival: youthful action
Nationalmuseum: impressive perfections
Moderna museet: complete engagement
Skansen: neighborhoods aged

We started the day earlier than I can wanted (10pm at home?), stuffed down a large Swedish breakfast (small pastries! yogurt! ceral mix! sausage! eggs! swedish pancakes! cut vegetables! chunky fruit drinks! bread!) and we immediately made our way to Storkyrkan, the Great Church used by royalty, and the oldest of it’s kind here in Sweden (I think.) Amazing St. George slaying the dragon (Denmark), made of oak & elk antler. 1500’s? The Nobel Museum was incredible.

The work of scientists and their creative process is so emblematic to the process all artists use. Besides the exhibit itself, I loved the quotes along the wall, and while I can’t look them up right now, one was about how asking questions is more work & more important than solving them, and another was a Japanese one about how the world cannot handle too many creative people, because chaos ensues. And I thought- Oh! That’s why! That’s why my little family can be trouble- Enn was born, and he’s creative too, and there’s not enough room for the two of us! He and I create chaos together. Aha! And my poor husband has to be drawn into all this. Glad he & Zee are such happy souls.

The changing of the guard at the Royal Palace is dramatic & beautiful. Or so I think… it was so crowded that I couldn’t see above the heads.

Well I can’t go on about it all.

Too tired, must sleep before our morning departure!

In one and a half days I will see my sons.

I’m ready.

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