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From Stockholm to Orserum to Granna to Goteburg to Ronnang Tjorn

We hope to take a train or plane back from Goteburg to Stockholm.

It’s a long drive.

So many people ride bikes in Stockholm as a matter of transportation. The most interesting is to see women 50+ in dresses riding bikes. 🙂

Most buildings, modern and old, have this block structure feel. It’s pretty uniform.

King’s Palace is two blocks from our Stockholm hotel, where we are returning Monday.

Like I said earlier, so many tall tall tiny trunk trees.

The B&B where we stayed in Orserum.

We ate open faced swedish sandwiches with moose meat, mayo, berries, herring?, cheese…

Some traffic in Goteborg.

McDonald’s all along the way!

Ikea’s home.

And the view from our room at in Tjorn.

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