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Bear Territory Dot Com

Yes, Enn walked on hallowed ground today. Or, almost. We were exactly across the street from Cal aka UC Berkeley aka Bear Territory because we visited the Berkeley Art Museum. The highlight for us both was the spinning globe that was lit from the inside, with the small glowing lights that indicated the US Spy Satellites that surround the earth.

A new generation of children is sprouting. This is a world in which a five year old, when he determines a question that he wants the answer to, decides to turn to the internet. For instance, Enn found a picture of a manta ray on his Animals of the World Illustrated Map. He noticed that sharks were swimming away fast from the Manta Ray, and he wanted to know why. “Mama, go to Or Or”

When did he learn that?


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  • Hey take us to that museum sometime, sounds like fun. We look things up on the computer all the time. It’s a great tool for us.

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