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More Thankfulness

1. for the times Enn & I get to create together

2. the anticipation of traveling!

3. the soft inquisitive voice Enn uses when he asks “Why, Mama?” Especially for questions like, is the train conductor a really tall humongous giant, and I answer “No” then he asks “Why, Mama?”

4. polymer clay

5. glowing lights

6. being reminded of that God is real, and God is love, by a stranger making a random comment

7. the library, and the fact that I have loved the library since I was old enough to rack up late dues… eight years old. It’s a building full of treasures.

8. intelligent books that are written in normal language, not like graduate students trying to impress each other.  They give you room to think & imagine, room to breathe, expand, instead of beating your head with words so rarely used that you seek refuge in a dank corner to be spared any more of their dreariness

9. that since I grew up in the desert, 100 degrees is hot, but not unbearable. Good thing, since it hit 104+. We don’t have air conditioning and we are fine.

10. that my knowledge of contemporary art history is flooding back into my brain. It’s like Art Me went into hibernation for 10+ years, and Self nurtured other parts of my life & brain and now I can resuscitate my art brain.

“If you like conceptual art, think about honking.” (Bumper sticker c. 1977)

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  • nice list. I love the library too. I’m glad your Art info is flooding back. You have been so inspiring to me lately to be more creative. I have a ton (maybe literally, photo books are heavy) of photo books from the library.

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