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Two Studio Weeks

…but I was a little busy doing art for that juried show I have been wanting to do for three years.

And the news came back so fast.

I’m in!

Now I have to write an artist’s statement, do a resume of me as an artist… (as if I have much to put on a resume.) (finger painting with sons, 6/18/08, photography session while sons on walk 3/07/08…..) Yeah, I know they mean professional, which: nothing. We’ll see.

Anyway, I am working on that statement, which maybe a couple people will read. Because, my piece in that show is TINY (8×10) and so who knows where it will actually be displayed. Also, I found a major technical error (which only I would be aware of) (but that is significant to me.) So I can only hope & pray that they will allow me to make that correction as part of the installation process of the show, because it just alters the correctness of the information of the whole thing. See, every word & mark on this piece had to be written/made backwards, because I could only write on the reverse side, and in the speediness of the creation of the piece (i.e. last minute because I wanted to submit 2 pieces not just 1) well, that’s when I made two small marks that would have been correct IF I was not writing on the reverse side.

We’ll see what happens.

Another quick note, my new favorite movie is now Stranger Than Fiction. I plan to buy the DVD and watch it again.

: )

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  • I really really love that movie too. Have you ever seen Amelie? or eternal sunshine of the spotless mind? I love those movies.

  • I’m so excited for you with this art show. What a wonderful thing to be accepted by the show!

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