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Saying Thank You

Gonna try a new thing out. Saying Thank You. Gratitude, to God and for my life.

1. Two boys who mostly really love each other, who love being with each other. It only takes a little work here & there to keep the peace.

2. I had 5.5 hours of Zee in a nap, which gave me 2 hours of getting my act together, then 3.5 hours of painting, because I have an exhibition I am entering and I have loads of work to do. I prayed- just let me finish this next step before he wakes up! And it was a big job still to be done. And a few hours passed, and I was done, and that’s when Zee starts to chatter in his crib. Nice.

3. My husband who decided to take it upon himself to really think through this 3rd kid thing. I may have bugged him at first, then friends urged me to give him some space. And he took it on with such determination- figuring out his own heart. And helping us talk it thru together. That gets its own Thank You entry.

4. He decided maybe we will go for #3. Through adoption. He’s inspired by it, and I know I will be, too. (I used to only think I would adopt!) But we are waiting until after our Sweden trip to really get into details.

5. That he knows me well enough to have me wait on it until after as exciting Europe trip. If I get the ball going, I can’t stop!

6. The white Amaryllis that is blooming in my living room.

7. Zee’s impish smile that he can flash as needed in a jiffy.

8. Enn’s confidence, creativity, determination, focus… and the chance to parent a kid like him, who has characteristics that will make for a wonderful adult… even if having a 4 year old tell you that you don’t know how to write letter J, and that he does it correctly (it is backwards)- Yes, even if that drives you batty.

9. My mom’s gardening!  She’s got amazing flowers, fruits, veggies, herbs, I am so lucky.

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  • Wow! I’m so happy to hear that you guys really are going to look into adoption! That’s great news! This whole post is great news! : )

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