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Still Frustrated

Still no answer. Still.

There is no . on the way, that I can tell.
And I am now 7 days late.
15 days past “conception.”
It’s just that I am ready to embrace that I am pregnant, but I feel like a fool, because, well, who knows if I really am.
I feel like I am that horse at the start gate, waiting to explode out on a race that’s been set for me, and yet, the darn gun just won’t fire.
I feel angry.
What am I supposed to do with this?
Am I supposed to learn patience, trust….
but I don’t want to!
Answers soon?
. . .
Does God read blogs?
: )

One Reply to “Still Frustrated”

  • I think he does, and I have an image of him shaking his head slightly at you, in wonder, with a little smile and chuckle on his lips. I think you might about have the dude craking up. I know it’s seriouse thing and all but it’s sort of fun watching you wait.

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