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Blank Sticks

So, yeah, today the stick gave me nothing. I guess not pregnant? But it was a different brand than I’m used to. Does it matter?

That’s ok, supposed to wait until Fri, right?

Anyway, I have 2 more sticks for Thurs then Fri. It could go either way, huh?

I am starting to think- What kind of dress will I wear to the wedding in Sweden if I’m not pregnant?

Because I’m either not pregnant and am going to Sweden, or I’m pregnant and not going anywhere.

Who knows? Not me.

: )

2 Replies to “Blank Sticks”

  • THanks for the update. Did you find agave nectar at Whole foods? the regular store I can’t find it in.

  • Funny thing, my sisters thought I was pregnant last week…because my stomach looked big…talk about depressing!! Maybe I should stick closer to my GF/CF coffee free/ chocolate free diet! Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods is the best place to find all your dietary needs!

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