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Little, Big, and Yummy Goodbyes

This is just a quick post to say, the past one week has been full of change.

1. Zee got his beautiful hair chopped, so gone is his full head of shiny hair.  Gone is my sweet baby boy, and here is my “little” boy. He looks so much like Enn now. Cute, but different.

2. We finally submitted our request to chop down the HUGE Monterey Pine in front of our house.  Our neighbors have been waiting about a year for us to submit this request. Patiently, as far as I know.

3. Zee and I saw a nutritionist. He is now: No Cow’s Milk, No Eggs, No Peanut, No Chocolate, No Artificial stuff.  He has a sensitive reaction to all those.

4. Me: No…. Chocolate, Coffee, Sugar, Gluten/Wheat, Cow’s Milk, and (drumroll please)….. No Raisins. Forever.

5. What’s going on with my body? I don’t know for sure, but I will know exactly what soon.

2 Replies to “Little, Big, and Yummy Goodbyes”

  • WHAT!! do I know about these health problems? or is it that thing I already know about?

  • That big pine sure brings a lot of shade. It’s going to be super hot and sunny without it. When will they come to cut it down? I think that would be a sad day. : (

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