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Zee Loves to Party, People

Busy day. Amazing in a lot of ways! Major birthday party with people people everywhere, people in my backyard, in my house, in my front yard, and on the sides (where the bounce castles were.) I wish I had pictures to post, but I am still waiting for my MacBook to arrive. So I can only type in my posts here & add links.

I had a lot of fun.

It was hotter than expected, but fun.

Food started late (12 noon instead of 11:30) coz of mix-up at the carnecerica, but the food was Good.

Not really anything went wrong.

Lots of people chipped in helping hands, so that in the end you know a huge party of 70+ people (35+ adults, at least 32 kids…) can only be pulled off when even guests arrive wanting to help.

I loved being able to do this.

There were several moments leading up to 11am that had me wandering around looking for keys, looking for my purse, or trying to remember what I was doing. Arriving in rooms, racking my brain, thinking- “Why am I in here again?” Hashing out irritations, and then attending to children before conversation was finished, and still chilling out so as to enjoy myself as the morning & day continued.
All before the party started.

And all for our little Zee.

Him, and for all our friends, neighbors, nearby family, and friends that might as well be family.

A time to bring people together, and it was accomplished.

A time to celebrate his life, and no better way to celebrate a two year old that rocks the world like he does, than with a throw down huge party.

All that was missing was music & dancing… but with a stereo that functions off of an iPod, and having no laptop to set up just the right mix… well, that didn’t work out. And while Zee sure loves to dance, I think he was doing just fine with his scarfing down food off of various plates, snagging juice boxes, and wandering around doing whatever he did.

My personal goal through the party was to spend as much time as I could with him during the actual party. And while I did spend more time with him as party boy than I have with Enn at previous parties, he wasn’t just joined to my side. I saw quickly that as long as he had a little of me now & then, he was happy. There wasn’t one moment that he was without me and hurting for it. His Mommy Quotient was perfectly satiated, and I am so happy because that well is deep.

My sweetest moment with him was when I took him to look at the bouncy castle that I ordered, and he looked up at the huge elephant head on the bouncy castle & said something mumbled like “Ehwpuh!” which means “Elephant!” of course! Sure, it was hauled over from many miles away to be set up in my backyard for an extra delivery charge because of the distance- but with it starting out cheaper than anywhere else, and that all balancing out- well, for him, it was worth it. (We had a Horton Hears a Who party.) And I made goody bags in re-usable cotton muslin with the family names ironed on, for the sake of the Earth. I had the Planet Earth dvd on in the house (quite a draw, I must say, for adults as well as kids) and after changing his diaper & walking into the living room, guess what was on the big screen? The Asian Elephants!


And on his cake?


And the pinata modified from nearly hideous to sort of cute?


All for you, my sweet Little Z.

I love you.

Even if you bite babies.

Here’s Billy Collins’ “Candle Hat.”

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  • Aww . . . I’m so sorry that we missed the party! Sounds like it was tons of fun!

  • You sure know how to have some fun! It’s like I was there! Actually I wish we could’ve been there…I miss your boys, well you guys too 🙂

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