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Zee Party Prep

Things we made for his upcoming party…

1. Watercolor Birthday Banner: Happy Birthday Zee with sayings from everyone in the family regarding what he love about him. Made by me, daddy, Abuelita, Zee (2 years), & Enn (4.5). Used Crayola markers, water& brushes, Arches Watercolor paper, and ribbon.) Cut watercolor paper (thick/quality) into the triangles, wet with brush right before using markers, use washable markers, they blend nicely. Anyone can do it.

2. Horton Hears a Who drawn on poster board, sans tail, for Pin the tail on Horton game. Avery lables with tails, and kids names, then stuck on poster in course of the game.

3. Goody Bags made sorta “green” with muslin & iron-on names of the families. Inside: one magnifying glass per family, fruit rolls, and animal crackers.

4. Modified Horton pinata, with pulling strings instead of Bat-the-Pinata style. Fixed the ears, eyes, and lock of hair to look vaguely more like Horton instead of an extremely ugly ugly elephant.

5. Cake- ordered from Costco, put found Horton Hears a Who stickers in a sticker book, stuck them to poster-board, then taped to lollipop sticks and stuck into the cake for character decorations. Did a little bit of icing to add color.

6. A t-shirt for Zee. Simple to do. Iron on sheets that allow for using crayons, and it gets directly ironed onto the shirt (no need to draw it in reverse) (use the parchment paper in between sheet & iron.)

7. Collected all the elephant related toys in the house, incl. alpha blocks to spell Horton.

8. Played Planet Earth on the big screen in the living room, for those who wanted to leave the crowded party to chill out inside. It was the Plains section, with Elephants.

9. Ordered an Elephant jumpy castle.

10. Had something to do with bringing this beautiful child into the world.

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