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Walking in the Suburban Wilds

Setting out on a walk with my boys is like herding cats for one reason or another, and yet we forge bravely on…

Who knows what adventures lie before us as we flee our house during the afternoon witching hour.

Never mind about my plans for Photographer Enn and Photographer Mommy to document this together. His kid digital camera broke before we left our driveway.

“Mommy, could you stop taking my picture? Take some pictures of plants or something?”

“Okay, honey.” I kept snapping away. I lied.

I got a pic where Zee must be thinking- “Hold on, I gotta bite my Mickey.” I hope I can find it to post 🙂

Here’s a pic as they stop to peer at Murderer’s Creek as it meets the drive near our home. Yes, it’s really called that. I wish I knew why. Perhaps I will consult my Local History book I bought at Walgreens for $19.99 then immediately regretted because I didn’t even open it. I’ve never gotten around to returning it, though.

Zee danced in the street, as always. Show us your moves, Zee! Sweet little puppy with a mind of his own.

2 Replies to “Walking in the Suburban Wilds”

  • Rock on with your streetwise Boogie, little Z!

    Tonight, as Chebbles was going to bed, she insisted on answering every question with “Yuh!”

    I’ve got to stop letting her read your blog with me.

  • I love where you live..well except for murderer’s creek…yikes..I would just make up my own name…I like the photo of the “ahead” on the street right after you talked about murderer’s creek. I started laughing… did you do that on purpose? So funny. I’m messed up I know…

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