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He just knows…

… when I am catching his eye, when I look at him and am thinking- I love him! He just knows, and it’s like he becomes this sponge that starts to fill up with joy because he knows how much he’s loved. Today I dropped him off at Haroboji’s & Halmone’s (grandma & grandpa) and I was getting back into the van as he rushed to the passenger door and called out “Mama!?!” I hushed him impatiently as I was afraid he’d wake up sleeping Zee, afraid I’d have an afternoon of crazy toddler antics & tantrums. But Enn said quickly- “I forgot to say goodbye! I love you!” and I kissed his sweet face, then he softly closed the door and got back on his trike. I stood up as much as I could while I sat in the driver’s seat, so I could still look at him. I just looked at him and loved him! And he knew it. He just knew, and he was thrilled, you could tell, to know how loved he is!

Sometimes I just have to stop my irritable self and say, wow- I love these boys.

p.s. I don’t have a brain tumor or anything. Sorry for the lag in reporting, I was busy enjoying my new lease on life. 🙂 I just have a badly strained muscle. No more worries about the brain cancer that runs in my family… for now. Heh heh . (actually only one of the brain cancer people were blood related, the other wasn’t… but how is it that my poor aunt could lose both her father & husband in one year of each other, from the same disease?) Well, my cousin died from an aneurysm & he had epilepsy, and my brother has some benign brain tumor & used to have seizures as a teenager, but now he is totally fine, and anyway…enough about death and brain tumors.

I love my children. But I am not going to the go for a third kids, no matter how trendy three-kid-families are these days hahaha.

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