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My Brother, His Dog, and a Dog for Me… One Day

My brother and I used to be so different, so I thought. It often comes back to recalling the “Me Book” we made in elementary school, where we used collage cutout magazine pictures so that we could describe ourselves. His had mansions, limos, anything about making money. Remember I said ELEMENTARY school?!? Yeah, that was my brother, his mind always on business. Me… kitties, trees, puppies, soft pretty things. And as teenagers we were on different planets. He left school early because he hated high school, and he wanted a start on life… so he started a cell phone business out of our house. It was 1990. As big companies gobbled up that line of work, he did lots more things- a limo business, something having to do with garage doors, and maybe some other side stuff. He landed on a roofing business, which he still owns in San Diego. And he buys homes, and completely renovates them. And I mean: COMPLETELY. His latest is a house that used to be 2 bedrooms/1 bath, and he made it into the most stunning home. It just shines. He is so talented. Wait. Maybe we are a lot alike! Heh heh. It’s funny, because I left high school early, too. Same reasons. Hated it, and wanted to jump start life. I did take a more traditional route to do it, but still, the thing is, we both high-tailed it outta there. Launched into life.

I am just writing this all here to just say that I love my brother. And even though at times, it seemed like we were worlds apart growing up, the thing is, he is the most committed & protective brother, really all I need in a brother. The funniest thing to laugh about now, the guys in our life laugh about the quirky ridiculous things that my brother and I do, say, & think. The way we get hooked/obsessed on something until it happens. (i.e. I want my dog!!! I’ve been obsessed since December.) There were other laughable offenses, but I won’t get into that now. So, I downloaded this picture from Christmas just a few days ago, and it made me want to write about my brother Celo. I love him.

And it’s because of this dog, Snickers,

that I want one of these

(this shows a Welsh terrier pup & a grown-up Welsh.)

I am so eager to get a doggy!

And it’s all because of my brother, and his love for Snickers, and because he really is very sweet, and I want to have a mini-Snickers. I want my brother to come & visit & have Snickers and my pup play together.

Um, the pup that I don’t have yet.

Okay- gotta run to the Dr to get results of the ultrasound that will tell me if something is majorly wrong with me that I have had headache/neck pain issues for over a month.
And if I get healthy, GK says he’s fine with getting a dog!!!!

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