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Day in the Life of These Boys

I call out to him “Zee!” as he climbs the hill in my front yard.
He turns his head around flippantly… Yuh?!?”
Yuh– as in- “what mom- whadoyouwant? I gotta climb this hill, so whatever you have to say, make it quick!” Then he turns back to his climbing.

But, since he doesn’t say much, he keeps in simple with Yuh?!?”

He’s such a darling.

Sorry to not give a long update here, but as far as speech goes- the clouds have cleared- Zee is a-ok. He’s a little delayed in his speech, yes, but it’s not due to any cognitive or developmental issue. His breathing mechanisms appear to have taken his full attention (i.e. slight asthma, ear infection issues, drooling that goes on and on…) rather than the acquisition of language. So- while he is a few months behind, he will catch up in good time. It was confirmed, however, that he is sharp as a whip and that he’s a crazy good dancer.

As for me, I am going on my sixth week of pain that’s in my neck. My neck on & off throbs in pain, and also my head aches- only on the right side. I had an ultrasound of my neck today. I get to have an appointment with my doctor next Thursday with my MD, and we’ll discuss the findings or lack of findings at that point. I’m fatigued and also weary from dealing with the on & off pain, but I do what I have to do. I rest while Zee naps. Enn is a sweetheart and I know I haven’t mentioned him much lately, but he’s an amazing boy. Quickly I must mention that Enn cut both his & Zee’s hair today. He cut a lot of Zee’s hair, but luckily there’s a lot more where that came from. For himself, Enn made a clean blunt cut in a one inch section at the TOP of his bangs). Also, he and neighbor boy Isa knocked down the backyard basketball hoop, and he & best friend Jos shot a garden hose into Jos’s living room. It was a day for experimenting! Enn insists that Jos tricked him into the garden hose thing, but all adults involved decided that both boys would get equal discipline, since both of them had an “I didn’t do it; he did it” story. Mmm hmm. And they thought they could outsmart us.

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