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Zee Talking

He’s such a sweetheart. When he shakes his bootie, he moves so fast that he looks like he’s doing the hula. He can imitate just about any dance move in front of his familia. He loves to be a ham. He loves to laugh. We love him!!!

And his home visit for speech evaluation is coming up Friday morning. It’s hard, I mean, I don’t like getting emotionally worked up about it, but I have my moments (extended moments.) It’s hard when I detect a skill regressing. It’s tough when I pay attention to every utterance or lack of. I want to be wrong and think I am overreacting. Not that I like being wrong, but in this case it’s worth it of course! I think I have good intuitions, I feel that I’m perceptive. But you wonder, when am I just overdoing it? Anyway, he’s getting evaluated. I’m more & more sure that he should be, and more & more sure that he should have some sort of speech therapy. We can’t tell until he’s around 3 and a half if it’s something more serious, like an actual speech disability vs. just a speech delay (meaning he would get to speaking typically but is just getting there at a different pace.) We’ll see. I know I have amazing resources. I am lucky. But still.

It’s possible that even if they see reason for further intervention, I am gonna keep telling myself that Zee doesn’t really need these services and that Zee is fine. Because, Nothing is Wrong. It’s All in my Head. That’s what I hope, and yet, I see signs….

I am praying for peaceful thinking in my head.

Anyway, I’m out-

I just wanted to write a little something about this.

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