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Small for Not Long

…that boys like these will grow up to become leaders, fathers, men… and right now I get to hug them and kiss them and hold them and snuggle them. I can carry them and protect them, and one day they will do the same for me. I love being a mother of boys. Sure, I still think about if we will add girls to our family through adoption one day… but that’s a long way off, if ever it is to happen. Right now, I get to love my boys, and Jay (on the left) is practically a part of our family, too, since he & Enn do everything together.

So, we are also on this journey of schooling, and figuring out what path we are to take. After all my excitement about homeschooling, Enn’s difficult January brought more to light as to what his character and personality needs to develop in a healthy way. GK and I are almost certain now that public school is the solution for him. There is no option that is perfect. I wish I could find a low cost perfect school for him! And it’s hard to get excited about public school. Enn being gone from 8 to 11:30 isn’t too bad, but once it’s 1st grade, it’s like 8-2, almost a work day of experiences that I won’t be too much a part of! Well, I hope I can insert myself in school life as much as possible. I didn’t go to public school until mid-5th grade, so this is all new to me. I can’t believe my baby will leave me and go to kindergarten. I’m having a hard time being excited about this plan, but it seems the best way.

I guess when we listen to our children, and pay attention to what they need, they take us in unexpected directions. I thought homeschooling was our unexpected direction, but it may turn out that public school may be the new experience in our future. I am hoping that I can get excited about what the next year in education holds for this boy!

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