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Warm Fuzzy Cars

So, I finally take the time to write out a thing about how Enn is having all these social issues, and then he goes and is totally heart warming in his gestures of friendship today. I am so relieved. We went to the park and met best bud Jos, and two other J friends- one totally new that Enn has never met, and another that is Jos’s neighbor. I was worried, to tell the truth. Would he just play by himself? Would he get in the mix? Well, I let him take a bunch of Eyes Cars (Pixar Cars character) to the park. This is totally out of character for me, I usually really control his car situation because I hate to have to look for them when they get lost, which they always do. Anyway, we get there, and Jos and his neighbor have one car each, and the new kid- nada. Enn had 5 or more (I didn’t even count.) And I just said one time, more of a suggestion, I wonder if that boy over there has cars? I wonder how he feels? And Enn whips out his plastic baggy full of cars, and before I knew it, he passed out cars to all his friends and almost all had two cars each. Understand, these are his precious CARS cars, and they are near & dear to his heart. And he shared these cars in this outpouring of generosity that made my day.

I have more thoughts on options for Enn’s homeschooling plans. All is not lost. 🙂

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