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Why Wee Ones in the Snow are Weally Not Wecommended

I have never seen such beauty- so much snow that I sink up to my knees wherever I walk, the sun making a blanket of sparkles that would wow any kid, and the pure bliss potential (yes- potential) of sledding down hundreds of feet of white powder.

I say Potential, because for any parent of Wee Ones, a holiday in the snow is just not the  funnest experience. Not all snow plans can be realized when a 21 month old and four year old are in tow. So- Snow Trip is Not Recommended by this reviewer of vacation destinations. Some babies don’t like to be stuck in the snow and unable to walk. Some of them don’t like how they have to wait for mama or daddy to make a long trek to the car when it’s discovered that the snacks brought in pockets are not sufficient. Some babies want to be held by tired mamas even if said mamas have altitude sickness and are walking uphill in snow that collapses under their feet.

Some kids like sledding, even though they do it only once, and no they were not scared, but they just don’t want to do it anymore.

But daddies will still have their day in the snow. They will snowboard and sled.

And by-golly, mamas will sled, too, even if only once because babies are calling, and said mama will cherish the winter memory always. I can still feel the snow blasting my face, and I can still remember the soft crunch of fresh snow in my mouth. Even if most of the vacation involved my sickness/fatigue (covered up on the couch in blankets) & indoor chaos (boys slamming die-cast metal Pixar Cars cars into the walls & sliding them across wood floors), I get to hold on to the beauty that my own eyes got to see, and these pictures will remind me of what amazing snow I experienced.

And lastly, your tushie stays pretty cold for a long time after sitting in the snow for a while. 🙂

p.s. is it possible to look good when one is in layers of snow clothes? I am thinking: No.

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