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Talking But Not Saying Much

I’m wondering… Zee has his mouth open all the time, and why is that? I mean, I am noticing that every non-newborn picture in this blog has him with his mouth hanging open, ready to maul someone, or ready to give an open-mouth-most-slobbery-kiss-ever to anyone… or ready to wipe his face on my jeans and leave a big sopping wet mark…. He is the funniest kid!

Is it because he is always talking? Not exactly. Although, ask him anything, and he will say Yeah in a very I am a way cool kid kinda way. Yeah. By the way, Enn is just starting to get that Zee will answer Yeah to almost everything (however not to “Do you want to go to bed?”) I’m so glad Enn has figured out that it’s the answer to all questions Zee is asked these days, because Enn had been taking it upon himself to ask Zee, Are you hungry?

N: Are you hungry?
Z: Yeah.
N: Mama, Zee is hungry
M: Honey, he says Yeah to everything.
N: No, mama, he’s hungry. Watch. Zee hungry?
Z: Yeah.
N: See, he’s hungry.
M: I just fed him. Stop talking about food. He’s not hungry. (i.e., please don’t make him hungry.)
N: (Looking at Zee) Hungry?
Z: Yeah.
N: See, I told ya.
But N went on tonight in this discussion with Zee while we drove up & down the hills of PH Rd, me hoping they’d both fall asleep. (They didn’t.)
N: Zee, toy?
Z: Yeah.
N: Zee, car?
Z: Yeah.
N: Zee, sink?
Z: Yeah.
N: Zee, green?
Z: Yeah.

And it continued as Enn took cues from our environment about items he could use test his hypothesis that he came to on his own, because he either didn’t understand me when I told him about it, or he didn’t believe it.

Awesome. Now maybe I won’t be constantly pressured to feed my already-been-fed toddler.

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