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30 Seconds Later

We were all (me, Enn, & Zee) in the bathroom, you know, hanging out… I think I was making an attempt at cleaning the bathroom while both boys systematically undid my work. They need to have chores also, so why not have those chores have to do with following me around the house to make my work impossible? Sure, why not? 🙂
Well, I left the bathroom for no more than 30 seconds, and I heard a soft rain like sound coming from the bathroom… I stepped into the bathroom to see this. Hilarously shocked. Laughing to myself and thinking: More Work. Then I promptly ran out to grab my camera, because I thought this would be a perfect example of a Zee activity. As I write, both boys are running back and forth through the house yelling; Zee has put a laundry basket on his head; Enn is running behind Zee knocking him down over & over as they run, and Zee likes it; now Enn has grabbed a pack of diapers from a big Costco box and is riding them like a train; Zee has followed suit; and I am typing away, making therapy out of this writing because so many times today I have already said to myself… “My kids are making me lose my mind…” This would be due to the constant barrage of interuptions, yells, tears, that really feel like a morning-mini-assault on this mind. Of couse, I love them. I have hugged and kissed them several times already today. I have laughed with them and had to do sort of breathing exercises just to manage my anxiety.

I don’t mean to be all complainy… I just have to get it out. There are days like this. I think there’s a particular something to having an almost 5 year old boy and an almost 2 year old boy who are at two very different places in life. The younger Zee loves activity, to get into things, to do whatever Enn is doing; big Enn likes to have organized play activities with his Cars, and Zee likes to throw it all around. Not to mention that Zee has so traumatized his big brother than Enn flinches whenever Zee comes to near with an object that can be hurled. Zee pulls hair, pinches, scratches, does javelin moves with small objects. Thankfully he doesn’t bite so much anymore. Not that much. And Enn wants an orderly world. Unless he’s the one messing it up, in which case it’s OK.


I am a tired mama today.

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  • Man!! that shower thing cracked me up…but I can see how in the moment it would not be so funny. Hope today is better.

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