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A Little Overwhelming

More presents than they can process! In fact, I am going to put half of them away. My brother Mar has finally acquiesced and said that next year he will gave them less presents- much less! Last night we had a big Christmas dinner with about 15 friends. We had tamales, salmon, chop-chie, ham, mashed potatoes, and I can’t remember what else. 🙂 A multi-cultural feast, all different just like our family! Everyone that was here was here last year, too. Wait- all except my brother & Josh, who were in Indiana last year. And Mos, at thirteen she has plenty to say that keeps us cracking up. So they were the new 3 people.

This holiday turned out the be the most stressful in recent memory. Several factors combined that were out of my control, as if to emphasize that despite all my best efforts, I will never be able to anticipate the demands that will come my way. This has been my last couple weeks’ experience, For example, yesterday… so many people coming, brother needing help with gift shopping for the boys (in retrospect, he would have done just fine without me!), GK gone all day golfing with his family (the most-loved bonding experience for him & his family), and then Zee- no napping. Sick. Coughing. Worn out. And yet… the many people coming together made the evening totally work, and I think everyone left feeling stuffed, festive, and taken care of. My mom made some amazing dishes. GK’s parents played with the kids a big part of the night. My friend Amb & her mom cleaned & cleaned & cleaned. I am so grateful for that. So even though I feel I am unable to hide my worn & tired outlook on life as of now, I am grateful for the friends and family that have made the holiday what it is meant to be: time to appreciate the people that God has put in my life.

Did I mention that I am going to wait on getting a dog? 🙂

Lakeland Terrier & Welsh Terrier are still on my mind, though. Sort of mini-Airedales.


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  • Merry Christmas Maritza!!, ours was a bit more calm than yours but sounds like your’s was lovely. See you soon.

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