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Gettin’ Chunky!

  • Memories of this month…
    • Enn saying- about Zee- “He’s so-oh cuuuuu-oooot”
    • Zee gaining 3 1/2 pounds in one month
    • Watching Enn go from only child to “big brother”. He’s embraced his new role, loves being a big boy, and has finally decided to be potty trained. What a relief.
    • The ease of second-time motherhood. It’s been a joy to enjoy these brand new infant days. I have been worried sometimes- about Zee being so skinny at first, about his ears or eyes being different on each side & worried that it might mean he had something else going on… but ultimately, caring for him has been a breeze! That is… until fatigue started really setting in- at almost four weeks… oh… wow… I go to sleep at 11 with Zee, wake up for roughly 40 minute feedings at 1am and 4am, then Enn gets up at 5:30. OH. WOW. God help me! : )
    • Zee’s grunts. Loudly! He doesn’t sleep quietly or peacefully- I have had to get used to going into deeper sleep so as to not be kept awake by him. Had to turn off my mommie radar that kept me alert- even in my sleep- to any changes in my baby. Had to trust he is just fine, even though he sounds like an other-worldly bazooka -when he grunts- which is- All The Time.
    • I love my boys.
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