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In the Slow Lane

These past seven days since my cerclage was removed have been so relaxing. We thought that Baby Zee would be born within a day of that procedure, and instead, here we are, waiting, riding along in the slow lane of life. Wobbling, waddling along. And yet it has been such a relaxing time for us! We were sooooo incredibly busy for weeks, it seemed, just trying to do things like get the rooms ready (Enn having moved rooms, and then preparing the nursery.) And so it was painting, assembling furniture, cleaning, organzing newborn stuff, loads of newborn laundry, and on and on and on, it seemed never-ending. Weeknights were spent barely scratching the surface of the to-do list, because by the time Enn would go to bed, we’d be exhausted. So it was a hurry-up-and-wait situation, but now I feel so happy because we’ve even had this whole week to mostly chill. Like, over the weekend, we weren’t trying to rush and accomplish so many things. Instead, it was just having time with each other as a family. And today- GK and I went out to eat at a Mediterranean place with yummy hummus and Greek salad, and enjoyed just hanging out with each other while Enn spent the evening with his grandparents. We walked around and chit-chatted, and it was just soooo relaxing. Anyway, we’re looking forward to welcoming Zee into the world with well-rested hearts and souls. Bye…

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