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Amusement Park Kiddo

We went to a tiny amusement park. Enn test drove the red, blue, and yellow cars (which, by the way, is how I designate cars- not by their make & model & year, just by their color.)

I believe we may have scarred Enn for life from riding any of the other rides, like the flying dragon rollercoaster or the WW2 airplanes. Last time, he was too young to protest or be afraid or know any better. He seemed to enjoy himself at the time (mostly!) But, this time, only the train (one ride) and the cars (3 rides) really beckoned him. That, and the candy vending machines. We had a great time as we widdle away the last of our days as a family of three.

I am still pregnant, I such a *painful* procedure last Wednesday and I thought I’d go into labor that same day. Anyway, the thinking was that I would be having Zee shortly afterwards, but, here I am waiting. But the waiting is just fine by me.

Although I am uncomfortable and feel huge, I am happy to sleep through the night for a little bit longer. I count myself quite lucky to be able to sleep in this condition.

I am 38 weeks this week, counting down.

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