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Birthday Cake Bonfire

It’s so funny to have a cake with enough candles to warm my home on a cool nite! My kind mother (hmmmmmm) she decided to put exactly 31 candles for me to blow out. And I loved it! Super funny! The flames were burning so high on my cake, it was perfectly insane! My mom, GK, and my little squirt all sang happy birthday to me, and also, Enn somehow tricked me into wishing him happy birthday, too. I didn’t even realize what I was saying until I was done wishing him a happy BD! What a little trickster…. Where does he get that from…. Anyway, they got me a delicious ice cream cake from Maggie Moos, and it was meant to be a surprise, but I busted that plan. Ooops! Anyway, I had a wonderful calm birthday. Enn was sick and I kept him at home rather than out at the park on this rare sunny day. I made breakfast for him & my mom (fresh strawberries & apricot scones) (easy easy) and later on, I started working with some ink and stamps. Enn wanted to play too, so we ended up stamping together, then playing playdoh as he directed me to sculpt a train, train tracks, and a tunnel, as well as train tickets (which he is very into.) (Low voice “All aboard…” then yelling: “ALL ABOARD!!!” then normal voice again: “Tickets please. Thank You.”) After that, we made tickets out of my paper scraps and stickers, and we used a hole punch just like the train conductor. What fun! Then, lunchtime, naptime, and off I went for the afternoon & early evening, joining GK at work for a bowling nite. Then- home and birthday cake- and how fun is it when the best part of your birthday is looking forward to seeing your own little squirt singing happy birthday and having him help blow out (and spit on) the candles! I loved it especially when he told me “Happy Birthday Mama” out of his own little heart and mind.

Very Special Birthday indeed, bonfire included!

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