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Big Brother Bedroom

GK and I put together this room to give to Enn a present for becoming a Big Brother. That’s the sly way of moving him out of his “old” bedroom which will shortly become Zee’s nursery. Didn’t want to have him feeling kicked out! Anyway, he took to it soooo well, that he wants to show everyone who comes over that he has a new vintage Mickey Mouse room. I love the classic feel, and the colors too. Anyways, we: painted the room from lavender to white, painted the trim, put together furniture (bed, trundle, dresser, and nightstand), framed mickey posters, framed family pics, replaced the doorknobs, repaired the doors by sanding them, painted them too, painted the attic door into a chalkboard and nailed it shut, then- voila!- new room for Enn. He helped to get his toys from his old room and put them into his new room, and he helped me bring his clothes over, too. Seeing Enn’s appreciation of our hard work sure made it all worth it! We still need to replace the thin single pane windows with double paned versions, and we have to install window safety guards, too, since the windows are second story and at his waist level.

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