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1000 Day Birthday

We celebrated Enn’s 1000 day birthday today. And how did I know that today was his millennial birthday? I happened to pull it up off of google, coz I was looking up the day of the week for an upcoming day, and click click click, I figured out that Enn turned 1000 days on the opening day of his current obsession: Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. His grandma and grandpa (Halmane & Harobogi in Korean), they rode in our minivan with us to see the movie.

The Toyota Sienna. We’re enjoying the space and convenience, getting used to the size, coz it’s so hard to back out of our long hilly driveway. It takes what seems like a 10 point turn to get out! I don’t think I’ll ever go reverse all the way up the driveway.

Anyway, we drove together, and on the way, Enn opened his “birthday present”- a little toy Scrat- that squirrel who can never keep his hands on the acorn. Enn loves that squirrel! It was a delight to watch Enn watch the movie. Of course, I brought my camera. Of course, I also left the sim card at home… so, no pics today.

Happy 1000 days my incredible son!

Love, Mama

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  • awwww, happy 1000th day bday to him!! How are you feeling? Hopefully well. I’m thinking of you and little man Zachary. :o)

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