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Today Enn and I went out on many errands together. Abuelita is out of town, and we are taking care of business around town- little things that have us getting ready for Baby Zee to arrive. Or putting together Enn’s Easter Basket. Or buying gifts for upcoming parties or taking care of dinner. These days are soooo full, and I am enjoying them very much! Except for the part where Enn had a tantrum about… I can’t even remember what about…. but there were at least three tantrums, after which I brought him home and gladly put him into bed for a nap.

And my cat meowed for absolutely NO reason right next to his bedroom door and woke him up an hour and a half early.

NOW, she is going to be put in time out at night and during his nap, too.

She has this way of meowing now, and I can’t detect any reason or need. She doesn’t meow all the time, just here and there, and I get so mad when it wakes any of us up!

She’s so cute and sweet, and yet, she has this little flaw of late.

Wish she’d go back to the super quiet mellow girl she was before all these changes in her life.

3 Replies to “Preparations”

  • That’s ironic. Monster has been meowing an extra lot lately and we can’t find any reason why? Oh, sometimes he is so loud it just makes me cringe like nails on a chalk board. What’s with these spoiled kitties these days? Maybe they’re trying to talk with us and they think that we know what they’re saying? Whatever it is, I hope that Monster starts speaking in English instead or just not talk at all! Let us get some rest, huh? (And I think that Nathaniel is probably more cute than Nathaniel knows! LoL!)

  • Nathaniel is cute… I suspect as long as he has those cheeks, he will be… too funny… I was always called “brat” instead of cute! Guess kids will argue when called anything but their given name. Regarding the cat: She’s jealous. Remember “Lady & the Tramp”? Pets don’t understand why we don’t give them attention all the time. They have the emotional neediness of children… but don’t get the same priority. So they whine…
    Sometimes I can relate!

  • Too cute!! Where do these boys get these things. The new favorite at our house is, “Mommy, I’m your honey bunny and you’re my sweetie pie.” After which there is nothing more to say than, “Of course!”

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