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On Defense at the Park

I just left a local park and there was this really creepy guy staring at me and Enn and another little girl playing there. He had walked back and forth near the little fenced-in park several times, then stood in the shadows blatently staring. I looked back at him several times, enough to embarrass anyone who was just zoning out & staring by accident (as people do sometimes, and I wanted to give him a chance to back off.) Well, he didn’t budge, just kept staring and in fact, moved slightly closer to the park. I kept my eye on Enn and the little girl, although we were inside the fenced area. This man was on the other side of the fence.

Actually I was irritated at the little girl’s parents because they were in the car behind a fence while she was playing- they were within sight of their girl, and the little park is fenced in, but… She was like two or three years old and still, if this guy wanted to snatch her… He could grab her and have a really good start. It made me stay longer just because of them not being right there with her. I was glad to see the dad hop out of the car as soon as I was getting Enn ready to go. I would’ve gone to get them and described the situation had the dad not gotten out of the car. I observed for a while to make sure they were in fact her parents. At one point, she had dropped her hat and the mother called out to her about placing her hat on the bench rather than the dirt, so… they were connected I suppose.

The dad of the girl got out of the car and stood next to her as I left. I pointed out the guy standingin the shadows, and he indicated he already had his eye on him. The dad was making a call as I drove away, as he questioned the guy. Parents on defense.

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  • WoW! That must’ve been really scary! Sounds like you did the right things, though. I think it was a good thing for that little girl that you were watching out for her while her parents were not paying attention. That is sad, too. I can’t believe that a parent wouldn’t be closer to their young child. If she was a little bit older, like 10 or 11 or something I could see if her parents wanted to watch her from the car. But even still, that poor child was realy vulnerable. Just think of what might have happened if you weren’t there! It was like you were there for her to be her angel or something for a while. I’m glad that the cops are onto him and keeping an eye out for him. It’s sad to hear that most of the time people don’t do anything to prevent child abductions, but if parents worked together to defend their children against such preditors, then I think their would be safer parks and such. In that situation there wasn’t much you could do, but you were strong enough to do what you knew was right. I think you did the right thing and because of that there may have been one less abduction. Keep up the good defense!

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