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I’d Do Anything for Him

He’s so proud of himself here, wearing these Happy Meal sunglasses.

It brings me back to the moment where he’s putting the sunglasses on, barely knowing how to get them to stay put over his ears, feeling so cool about himself, & squinting to see thru the dark lenses. I love him!

He’s at Mc Donald’s Play Land here– notice the burger chair in the background. He crawled all around the little indoor tube thingy (what are they called anyway?) and he got “stuck” in one part not knowing what direction to continue. Crying for Mama. If I wasn’t hugely pregnant, maybe I coulda crawled in to Save Him. But it turned out he found his way out- and that was it. No more crawling around for him. He’d have none of it. And he barely touched his little McNuggets meal, even tho he’s big on eating. We had fun with our playgroup friends tho on this rainy Tuesday!

Well, we are in the middle of redoing the bedroom where N will move before the baby is born, we’re painting it white (previously lavender) because it’s easy and we are tired. I helped with painting the trim, and some spackling. Huge open window for ventilation. We have so much assembly of furniture to complete, and other stuff to get the room ready for the Big Presentation to for our little sweetie, so that he can get all excited about his New Room and make an easier transition, hopefully. Want it to be special rather than forced. Anyway, there is no forcing this little boy! He has a mind of his own. Prefers to be inspired and surprised rather than coaxed. Yup, coaxing just brings out more resistance in our sweet boy.

And that makes life hard on all of us.

Anyway, that’s what’s up with us today!

And we are getting a minivan tomorrow.

Dream come true?


But they are convenient when you’ve got two kids, two parents, and a grandma.

This is Parenting Life.

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  • A minivan, huh? WoW! Now you guys really are the stereotypical suburbean parents! LoL! That pic of Nathaniel is so funny! I can totally imagine the way he’d act with those on. What a silly, absolutely adorable son you have! Sending my love . . .

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