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Off Bedrest

Where I’ve been…

I’ve been off bedrest!

This week, while I have been still less busy than the average pregnant person, I have been busy compared to Bedrest Me, making plans for having this little Zee. I got the word from my nurse practinioner that I should be prepared to have the baby as soon as my cerclage is removed which is what’s keeping the baby in my belly for now. Cerclage is getting removed April 12th, and from there on out- we should be *ready* for Zee! Only one month!

Maybe I’ll post again soon. Haven’t been online as much this week, with other activities and duties calling, but… I still love to journal this stuff out, this stuff of life.

So, we are counting the days….

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  • Oh I’m so excited to hear the news! I can’t believe the time is so near! WoW! #2! I look forward to meeting (and one day babysitting) little Zachary! And to -of course- hang with Nathaniel! Take it easy over there!

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