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I’m up! Sort of.

Just wanted to write what fun things I have been able to do since being more mobile.

1. Put away Enn’s dinosaurs, lego Thomas set, and wooden Thomas track, and threw the rest of his toys into a wooden bin. Those toys stayed in those spots for about half an hour. BUT, Enn has had more opportunity to practice putting toys away after using them, coz it’s on my mind. Emphasis on “practice”.
2. I got to rinse off the plates after dinner 2 nites in a row.
3. Made 3 PB&J sandwiches for lunch today, delivered them to Abuelita & Enn in the backyard. We sat & ate together. The sunlight cascaded down. Enn told me about how he played with rolly-pollies and about the doves that live in the trees. And he counted trees, 1-2-3-4-5!
4. I sat with Enn at his train table, and we played trains, and I got to teach him how, although HE may love to crash his trains together into a 10 car pile up, his friends may not. “Does Jos like playing Crash?” “Nooooooooo”
5. I got to read him a book while he sat in my lap.
6. GK and I went on a “date”- I got to ride in the car (and stay in the car) while we dropped something off at a friend’s house, and he went to the grocery store. My walking consisted of walking to and from the car.
7. Got to sit at the dining room table during a visit from Jos and his mommy yesterday.
8. Got to change a few diapers again. Yay.
9. I’ve been able to put Enn to bed for nap, sing to him “Ma-dah-noh!” (Old MacDonald). Always the first two animals are: “A cow!!!” then “A chicken!!” He always says it like it’s a new idea, and he is always ALWAYS very excited to announce his choice for animal, a look of expectation on his face as I sing “and on that farm he had a ______” What delight!
10. Can’t think of a #10

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