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About being pregnant with Zee.


Who gave me Life?
I don’t mean me here, sitting with functioning humanity,
just Being or Doing, Thinking or Knowing. . .
I mean this Life that’s hunkered down in me,
going from idea to Here You Are.
You are
throwing my body off balance and taking my breath away,
kicking this rhythmic drumming and making your presence known.
Who gave me this Life? This gift?
Holding you here now, holding you in my arms months from now,
you will change my whole known world,
and I’m more than eager for you,
tiny thing that you are.

~Maritza Ruiz-Kim  ©2006

This poem came in a blur, as my favorite ones do. The first line nagged my brain, and it gnawed away at me, then once I decided to sit down & listen to it, the rest of the poem followed.

A few days ago, I started another poem and it just wasn’t happening. I think I was trying to resuscitate a few poor dying poetic lines, but they did not respond. I have lai those words to rest. Haha

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