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Is this Boring Enough?

What’s the most boring this I could write about?
Not writing, I guess, or not posting. No picture, even.

Two days of mostly sitting around after contractions & pain on Tuesday afternoon.
It’s Thursday night now. I’ll be free, back to “normal” tomorrow.
No wonder I’m not allowed to exercise right now!
Just running, like 100 feet, after Enn in a grassy field at the park,
that got me TWO days of “bed” type rest. Lucky me.
GK is watching the Cal/Stanford game. It’s 14.4 seconds left, Stan 62, Cal 63.
We’re Bears of course, rooting for Big Blue. I guess.
GK’s tired. I’m tired. He’s working so much these days.
Gone 12 hours a day.
–wait!!! Cal won!! 65, last minute score too! Nice.–
Anyway, watching Enn run to the front door, wanting to go outside with grandma.
Wanting to be silly outside, loving grandma, wanting to be with her.
I loved watching him look out the window, his face lit by the sun.
Taking in that moment, trying to hide it away in my soul for safekeeping.
He did go outside. They gardened together a bit.
I was plopped on the couch like most of the day.
Watched my recorded shows.
Anyway, can’t wait till tomorrow afternoon, GK is taking me somewhere,
I don’t know where. I get to dress up & go out to dinner,
and I have no idea what city we’ll be in, but it’s either very local, or not that far away.
Still, we will be gone overnight, how cool is that?
I miss him and I can’t wait.
As for now- off to bed, and getting rest for a new day.

Taking Enn to Tot Gym,
Cleaning out the car & getting it washed,
getting our old car jumped & make sure it runs,
letting the chimney guys work on the house,
going over bills,
folding laundry,
calling the Pest Control company,
and packing for an overnight trip.

I like the first part & the last part.

I wanted to write the most boring things.
I hope to have reached this loftiest of my goals for the day.
Good night.

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  • This is a good post of journaling. I enjoyed reading it, like reading a story that is interesting to me! I sure hope that you’re having a great time with Gene and that your weeked will be relaxing and refreshing. Take it easy, Marz. Don’t try to do more than you’re able to right now. Love ya!

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