Artist & Writer, San Francisco Bay Area


From what I remember about what it was like to hold the baby I have birth to, looking into his old soul eyes.


Your eyes,
warm and surprised,
perhaps they will see who I am.
Then tell me.

Your fragile force and gentle longing
wrestled out of me–
bloody, squirming, endearing, mine.
One glance at you, and
awareness slapped me with gusto!
Such desire manifested.
Your appearance. Your emergence.
Me with this delicate possession of power.

One thing I know–
I know what I see!
No kind of replica,
just a piece of me, watching me.
You are wholly your own.
You’ve taken hold of this strange existence
with reckless abandon.
You started as an inconceivable notion,
and became this undeniable love.
I see and
hear you!–
touch and hold you
then breathe in.
You look into me–
kiss, love, feel,
hands, fingers, toes,
curling into my arms
at last.

~Maritza Ruiz-Kim  ©2005

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