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“Ocean Beach, San Francisco”

Here’s a poem I wrote while dating my husband- I also had it printed on my wedding program, um, like 8 years ago. Here’s my SECOND post, since July last year, but I thought I’d give it one more try! My friend just started her blog, so maybe I can reignite this. If I get good at it, ummmm, maybe I will tell people about it? Anyway…
I have written other stuff I believe since July 05, but this is what I feel like posting right this second.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Late afternoon, we watch the ocean
down the street from my apartment
watch the water depart from here clearly
you and I
make promises
nearby, nearby, always
undertow, the shore wastes away
etching waves in the sand
salt water advances
fog fills the city streets
you and I
learn new ways to hope
chilled air rises
falling into love catches us unguarded
buses pass, electric lines spark
and we hold hands
while sunset descends

~Maritza Ruiz-Kim  ©1997

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  • Marz – You inspire me so much. I love your poems. You write so beautifully that you take me there to view your memories! Also I hope that I can learn to scrapbook like you. You are a great artist!

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