Series: Progress



Before the Installation

Beginning of the Installation (partial view)

Progress: To Move Forward in Space or Time, The Studio Mind, Martinez, CA, 2017

This is a partial view of the Progress series as it appeared on June 17, 2017.  The paintings can be viewed individually as well as part of the installation, which will document the various stages of each painting. I hung the work from left to right, beginning with Progress #1, which I considered at that point the most finished painting, through to Progress #9, which I considered the least finished. The installation is documenting various stages of each painting, making my changing state of mind public as I continue to paint. I purposely hung several in an unfinished state as a way of asking- “Is this progress?” Instead of focusing on arriving at a perfect finish, I want to share determination to keep progressing even when the end point is unclear. This installation is currently literally “in progress”, with photographs and notes being added to the installation through the course of the show.

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