Series: Internet <-> Real Life


I like to search out how things are constructed, and I like to look for the interlocking parts that make the whole thing tick. I’m especially interested in people. What is in between here and there, this and that, one person and another? How do we make meaningful connections as we get more and more spread out geographically and psychologically?

By studying subject matter from technology to anthropology and neuroscience, I examine the social intersections of each as I work in my studio. I find a story in the interplay between content and materials. I obscure information so that there’s a bit of mystery that allows a viewer to have a dialogue with the work, hopefully creating an additional human connection.

In this project, I sought an understanding of each artist showing work in the IRL: Internet <-> Real Life show at the Paragraph Gallery in Kansas City. Carla Gannis, Carol Salmanson, Joanie Gagnon San Chirico, Katarina Wong, and Laura Isaac. At the time I made these pieces, I knew the artists via social media, but had only subsequently met two “in real life”. I constructed one piece after each artist; the piece titled Pleasant Hill, CA, is named after my suburb town in the San Francisco Bay Area and it stands in for me. I sourced text from each artist’s personal Facebook page, looking for what seemed to capture the essences of the artists’ work that I had come to know. As I settled on the words that would embody each artist, I used aluminum, silk tissue, pigmented wax, and wood to make my connection to them tangible. An intimate bridge of information exchange spans the miles between us all, and the contrast of the physical distance and the electronic proximity fascinates me.