Series: Entering Left


While You Wait…, ExtraGallery NYC, 2011

These pieces hung on the wall of a room that has only one entrance from the outside, so that a visitor to the space viewed the series by approaching from the right side (see the above picture) and finishing on the left. In addition to wanting to affect a person’s experience of that particular room, I was thinking about viewing one’s body as a holding space for an individual life, from emergence at birth, wading through fragile life, to the hollowness of sickness and death, then leaving behind a space that other’s fill with memories to embody what was lost.

From curator Brian Dupont: “This exhibition asks you to consider the structure of where you are sitting and what you are looking at, and by extension how you got there and what you expected to see. … Maritza Ruiz-Kim uses a set of five paintings to bring attention to the mental shift that takes place when one enters, waits within, and then exits a space. Her layers of encaustic paint and hidden text activate the tension between space and void, opening the possibilities of how one views the waiting space.”

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