Series: Core


Persona²: Envisioning the Self – Re-envisioning Portraiture, The Compound Studio Artists Gallery, Oakland, CA, 2014

At one time, the name Concepcíon was a familiar girl’s name in Mexico. I created this portrait of a fictional female character, one who is powerful yet vulnerable.  Concepcíon #1 is a photograph at her beginnings, while the wax is molten at over 180 degrees. Concepcíon #2 is the hot wax printed onto paper, and Concepcíon #3 is what’s left of her image on the original plate. Her story continues through these versions of her.

From curator Toni Gentilli: “Maritza Ruiz-Kim explores individuals’ self-representation and collective cultural identity. By using innovative interpretations of portraiture, she simultaneously parses out and conjoins idiosyncratic and universal aspects of the human personality. She makes a series of iterations of the original in varying media including photography and video. Her continued work with the same image considers the various ways the self is internally understood then subsequently projected outward for understanding.”

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