Concepción (Topography)

2min 49sec

This showed as a projection installation at Persona²: Envisioning the Self – Re-envisioning Portraiture, Compound Studio Artists Gallery, 1167 65th St, Oakland, CA, August 9th – September 14th, 2014.

All work in Persona² is based on the abstract portrait, Concepción.  In Concepción (Topography), the fictional character Concepción searches for understanding through self-reflection.

From curator Toni Gentilli: “While contemplating the basic concepts and forms of what constitute portraits in her project Core, Ruiz-Kim creates abstract monoprints of encaustic wax and pigment impressed directly from the viscous media into paper. She then makes a series of iterations of the original in varying media including photography and video. Her continued work with the same image considers the various ways the self is internally understood then subsequently projected outward for understanding.”



It’s still

2min 20sec

Exhibited in the show Spectrum at the A Gallery, Provincetown, MA, June 2014.

I took the first part of this footage on the 7th of October, 2013 at the National September 11th Memorial in NYC.

It was the 12th anniversary of the start of the US war in Afghanistan.




What continuous (I like exchanging ideas)

1min 44sec

Exhibited during the I Will Find series (February 2013). The source text reads: “I like exchanging ideas.”

For the one-month project, I immersed myself in online forums each morning. I searched for kind words in contentious online discussions, then used the source text to make one artwork per day.




inquieta | in quiet a

9min 30sec

Screened as a part of the No Dialogue show at ArtPadSF, which was projected on a 10-story building during the art fair’s programming.

The word “inquieta” is the feminine form of “restless” in Spanish.

Here, the co-existence & repulsion of familiar opposites live separated by a border inside the mind.

Materials list: video, wood, paper bag, cactus soil, cloth, table, bowl, pitcher, water, razor blade, dish soap, bleach, retail bag, nail polish, manicure stick, bar of soap, lotion, nail brush, nail file, paint, duct tape


at ArtPad SF, May 19th, 2011