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The Interview: In Which I Ask Myself All The Questions Nobody Ever Asked | 2009 | A kind of archeology, Video | Comments (1)

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  1. […] What I find most difficult is failure to find recognition. I’m not referring to status recognition. I mean I-see-you recognition, I-see-what-you-have-done recognition. Even these must be weaned out in the pursuit of boldly valuing my own work, without regard to its placement in the world. When an invested artist takes a risk by sharing her work and it is not seen, she can choose to still acknowledge the value of what she is giving. Then, there is no ability to latch her value onto recognition. Conversely, even an artist who labors in service to her work can be wearied by a sudden clamor of recognition; it is its own kind of test. Every time I see an artist’s work life respected outside of established notions of success, it reminds me that the cacophony of the artworld doesn’t have to drown out the small voices. It helps me to move forward, since I work out of my non-descript studio rather anonymously (so to speak.) Come to think of it, the artist’s narrative has been an interesting concept to me for some time. I’ve made work with that in mind before. […]