Series: I Will Find

_IWF-Install-900, in cooperation with Kianga Ellis Projects, NY, 2013

After a terrible personal loss then a terrible national one (Newtown, CT), I wanted to find kindness in the middle of contentious issues on the internet, where normally there is hate. The process was an experiment. I didn’t know how much hostility I’d have to sort through, but I was determined each day to keep looking until I found something good. Over and over I had to read comment sections where technology and social media mitigated the responsibility for harsh words. How difficult would it be to find the good in the worst online discussions? Would I see the kindness changing anything? Each day, I searched for one source interaction, then made one artwork (painting, photography, work on paper, video, or sculpture) based on the source. The experience was documented by blog at (now reverted to the original Wordpress site.)

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